Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Openness and TeaScreamers

The whiners (PTR and TeaScreamers) are talking about some sort of "secret" or hidden procedure used to pass healthcare reform. This is, of course, a figment of their imagination; in fact, they never give an example of it. Every congressional (House and Senate) vote was open, on C-span, and followed all constitutional rules. There was nothing secret. Yes, the Democrats caucused among themselves in secret, same as the Republicans and the same as the Patriots or Packers or Saints when they huddle. You don't let the opponents into your huddle do you? But all the plays were public and followed all the rules.

I love it when the docile news media interview TeaScreamers. A typical one is a harmless-looking type who says "I never payed attention or got involved in politics before, but here I am in the middle of a movement." Yes, this person never got involved: never read a paper or went to a talk or read a book about what what was going on. So now this person is suddenly convinced that some "they" are ushering in socialism (whatever that is) and have somehow given away our democracy and way of life. Yes, as the computer people say: GIGO = Garbage In Garbage Out.

If you have read a single coherent argument from the TeaScreamers, please send it in to the "Comments" on this blog: I am genuinely interested. You should add your comments. The most interesting will be quoted and discussed in the blog.

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