Saturday, April 10, 2010

The WPBC competition

OK, let's make it official: readers of the blog are invited to submit their nominees for the "What Part of Beneath Contempt don't you understand?" competition -- which I'll mercifully abbreviate WPBC. Every now and then, or when I get good entries, I'll present the best of them on the blog, with at at least the initials of the submitter (full name if you specifically allow).

Just a reminder: the whole point of WPBC is that you don't get worked up and submit long diatribes and analyses. That's what "beneath contempt" is all about. I mean, does one have to actually explain why a Catholic Church spokesman equating the investigation of pedophile priests with the persecution and murder of Jews during the Holocaust is beneath contempt? Even italics seems like shooting fish in a barrel...

So keep those letters and calls coming!

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