Monday, September 20, 2010

Words vs. action for Tea Screamers

It has been reported that Rand Paul, campaigning in Kentucky, has been "toning down" his Tea Screamer message. His opponent, Democrat Jack Conway, had been scaring people by actually quoting some of Paul's suggestions like ending Social Security and Medicare and abolishing government protection agencies. Now Paul hardly ever mentions anything he "would do if elected," since people really don't like him so much when they know what he actually stands for.

When Bush won his second term, Barney Frank pointed out in a local forum that, while things looked bad at that time, it would turn around once people began to realize that they didn't like the actual policy of the Republicans. Sure enough that came about. Unfortunately we had to fight an unnecessary and brutal war, and the "supply-siders" and deregulators came close to destroying our economy, before people realized what idiot(s) they had elected. Oooops...

So let's hope that the Democrats -- and the press -- will keep pushing the PTR and the Tea Screamers to tell folks exactly what they intend to do if elected. They mustn't be allowed to rant that "they've had enough" and want to "return this country to the people" as Rand Paul and company have been doing recently. That kind of hot air enables them to take a free ride on the vague anger at "government" and discontent with the terrible employment situation.

Also, of course, it never hurts to remind the many with short memories that the right-wing was given its chance, and their policies turned out to be disastrous. Bush and his cronies controlled the presidency, both houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court for more than 4 years. The disasters that occurred can be blamed only on them. (This includes the much hated bank bailout: TARP was a Bush program. Of course, Obama should have nationalized many of the big banks, but that's another story.)

Oh, one more thing: As usual, Paul Krugman has a another great column. Click here to read it if you haven't already. He talks about the anger of the (gasp) rich.

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