Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wiki leak wasn't all that bad after all

The Pentagon, according to the AP, has concluded that "No US intelligence sources or practices were compromised by the posting of secret Afghan war logs by the WikiLeaks website."

The Obama adminstration, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates, was all worked up over the leaks when they first appeared. Standard Operating Procedure for this adminstration is that the point of view of the usual powers-that-be is given, least initially, more credence than the views of non-establishment people: exactly the opposite of what Obama promised would happen when he campaigned. This behavior is also evident with the DADT policy against gays in the military. The administration has been distressingly quick to appeal a court decision declaring the policy unconstitutional -- even though Obama campaigned against Don't Ask! No Republican administration would have ever compromised its stated principles in this way. That's another reason why the Democrats are so despised. (See the next installment on why we dump on Democrats, coming soon).

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