Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now what?

Supposedly Obama is inviting Boehner and other Republicans to the White House for dinner or some such. The rags say he's trying to work out a compromise with them (LOL). Some people never learn. They already said that they want to make his Presidency a failure and have shown that they mean it.

Truman presided over an even bigger Democratic loss in 1946. He came out swinging. There are lots of things a president can do that don't require Congress. For example, gearing up enforcement agencies (like NLRB) and giving directives to the IRS. The Attorney General has some clout that doesn't require Congress. (Yeah, like he set the AG to argue for retaining Don'tAskDon'tTell -- just a little longer.) But mainly, he has to come out swinging. Get on TV and name names of obstructionists and what they are obstructing. There are a lot of unemployed people out there whose benefits will run out under Republican control of the House. Is it too much to ask of the feeble Dem propaganda machine ("DemProp"?) that they make it clear what is happening and who's screwing them? It seems just as likely that the Republicans will successfully blame the Democrats when unemployment benefits lapse.

I simply don't understand why the Dems can't find someone like Karl Rove to handle their strategy and message; to head up DemProp. Why don't they advertise for someone: "Needed: smart person to handle propaganda for major political party. Must be as smart and effective as Karl Rove. Astronomical salary for the right person." They have to start their PR NOW NOW NOW. They always wait too long; I've been saying this for years -- I'm sure you can find it in an old blog. The progressive message is not as simple-minded as the conservative one, and requires preparation.

Alas, they're already caving I'm afraid. I hope Obama has a pleasant dinner with the people who will soon finish cutting his throat.

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