Friday, July 29, 2011

The "centrist" myth

Today's NY Times has yet another nonsense quote, this time from Carolyne Waite, a librarian in Dedham Massachusetts:

"They're acting like 6-year-olds pretty much on both sides."

This is in reference to the fight over raising the debt ceiling.

No, Ms. Waite, both sides are not acting like 6-year-olds: only the Republicans are acting that way. There isn't  a "bit of blame on both sides" here: the Republicans are willing to put tremendous pressure on the American economy in order to attain ideological and unpopular goals that they could never achieve at the ballot box.

But you might as well read the correct analysis from one of the Times' best columnists. Here is today's column by Paul Krugman: The Centrist Cop-Out.

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