Friday, December 2, 2011

Snookered again?

I may be wrong, but it seems that the Republicans have been one-upping the Dems for the past few months. I'm referring to the endless broadcast of their stupid debates in which their superficial and nasty prejudices are put out over the air without any sort of "equal time" for reply by people who know anything about anything. Consider: Bachmann and that "frothy" guy ("Santorum") are total idiots who know nothing about anything;  Ron Paul who can't seem to distinguish rationality from looniness (he spouts about equal parts of each); Cain who is happy that thousands of women have not made complaints about being harassed by him (why didn't he claim billions, after all?) and who proposes a tax plan that will transfer wealth to the rich from everyone else faster than anyone else's tax plan; Gingrich  and Romney who seem to have no moral scruples whatever and will do or say anything or accuse anyone of anything if it will advance them politically or financially; and Huntsman, who isn't given much coverage anyway because he doesn't sling enough red-meat to the true believers (he's not really a Republican because he claims to believe in science -- a no-no for this band of yahoos). Oh, I forgot about Rick Perry ... but that's OK.

Why are these clowns allowed air time without challenge?

(Note: they have been challenged in print by just about every fact-checker in the press and on line. They are, literally, factually challenged.)


  1. I love the "So you support profiling?" question and then the "Oh no, of course not! I just want people to be picking out the people that LOOK like terrorists, we all know what THAT means" response. I am okay with sacrificing a bit of convenience at security checkpoint (and having had to deal with it about half a dozen times, it has typically been pretty quick and painless) for, first and foremost, the safety of myself and everyone else, and secondly, the civil and human rights of ALL good American citizens. I love your blog for three reasons. 1) I usually agree with you; 2) You offer insight to arguments in ways I might not have otherwise thought of, and 3)....Oh boy what's the third...EPA?

  2. Why allowed air time without challenge? Because these are primary debates. Didn't think that would be too hard to comprehend. If we had a Republican in office, we'd have the same thing with a bunch of Democrat debates while the incumbent runs unopposed