Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blunt and Sharia Law

Sen. Roy Blunt (R. Mo.) filed legislation to amend the Affordable Care Act (Obama's healthcare reform) so that any employer can refuse to pay premiums on a healthcare plan that pays for procedures that the employer finds morally objectionable. This would apply to any employer, not just religious organizations.

The stupidity of this bill is so breathtaking that it could only come from a southern Republican (well, OK, Missouri was a border state during the Civil ... er ... "War Between the States" AKA the "Northerners' invasion to destroy our Peculiar Institution"). I presume that the next step is to make payment of taxes subject to the same "freedom."

Anyway, fools are usually arrogant and so it is with Blunt and his supporters. They assume that this reasoning will help just Christian yahoos. But the old Law of Unintended Consequences provides a delicious irony. The Bluntniks hate Sharia  Law but have now suggested providing followers of Islamic law tremendous power to enforce it on others. Would devout Moslem employers pay premiums to any plan that had hospitals or doctors who violated the Sharia precepts? Of course not: such care-givers could not have females treating males, say, or serve non-Halal (say pork) food, or ... who knows what?

And of course, once you start exempting all the various shades and sects of religion and superstition (Jehovah's Witnesses, Orthodox Jews, Christian Scientists, Wiccans and whatever) there won't be anyone paying for anyone else's healthcare. Eventually, if they get their way, no one will pay taxes at all. At which point we won't be any more than a tenth-rate septic field in the "community" of nations. 

Yes, that's what I mean by "What part of beneath contempt don't you understand?"

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