Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Once again, Obama disappoints

Has he learned nothing?

He was boring, repetitive, and unresponsive. Romney made point after point that Obama left unchallenged, or answered with generalities and platitudes. He never answered statements about transferring money out of Medicare; he never pointed out that leaving medical care to the private sector and competition has up to this point resulted in astronomical increases in expenses and a healthcare system that is twice as expensive with poorer results than every system in every developed country.

Obama never explained why Romney's tax plan benefits the rich, but left unchallenged Romney's assertion that he would not cut taxes for the wealthy. Obama claimed that Romney favored a $5 trillion dollar tax cut, but was unable to answer Romney denial or explain how where the $5 trillion figure came from. In fact, he fell back on a very weak "the arithmetic doesn't add up" -- a pale reflection of Bill Clinton's rhetoric.

Never once did Obama mention the obstructionism and radical nature of the Republican party in both houses. It was the Republicans who scuttled any sort of compromise on the debt ceiling, yet Obama refused to pin it on them. He seemed hardly ever to mention Republicans.

Obama never challenged Romney's assertion that Dodd-Frank created a class of banks too big to fail.

Obama let Romney repeat, over and over again, all sorts of things that he should have been able to refute.

I would have to say that Romney wiped the floor with the President, and with no evident "zingers" needed.

I hope that Obama can recoup his losses in future debates, but once again he has proved a disappointment, and a tiresome one at that.

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