Monday, December 17, 2012

More stupidity from the Dems.

If the Democratic Party were run by the Republicans, here's what they would do.

1. They'd make up some phony charges against U.N. ambassador Susan Rice; scream about them over and over, and let the usual network news hacks  blow it up into something that seems to have substance. They'd trot out hawks Lindsey Graham and John McCain and have them babble about how they could never support her for Secretary of State -- though they loved Condi Rice, who really screwed up.

2. They'd suddenly turn faux non-partisan by hinting that they'd love to support incumbent Senator John Kerry for the position of Secretary of State.

3. They'd let their timid President back down and signal to Rice that she should make his life easier by pulling out of contention for the position.

(As if on command, she followed the script and Obama quickly accepted her decision. So much for inviting them to pick a fight with him.)

4. They'd quietly let Scott Brown put his political machine back in gear while the "Democrats" try to find temporary replacement for Kennedy, then engage in a divisive primary campaign to pick a candidate for the Senate candidate to replace Kerry.

Oh, you remember Kerry: the guy why learned that the Viet Nam war was wrong after serving there (because he needed military cred to run for political office some day), then proceeded to forget this lesson and back George Bush's phony war in Iraq -- even though the vast majority of his constituents in Massachusetts opposed it.. Obviously the Republicans still love him for that and the Democrats would never say a thing against him. Oh, he also backed the Patriot Act.

Will Obama appoint the deeply flawed Kerry to be Secretary of State as the Republicans hope he will? We shall see.

It sure is a good thing that the Republicans don't run the Democratic Party...

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