Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why I favored Seattle

In general we should root for our home team in sports. But what if our team is eliminated?

We have an elaborate algorithm to determine how we (my wife and I) root; it's unabashedly partisan and sometimes unfair; in general it's North over South (with obvious exceptions for the Northwest gun states),  Coastal over Central, and East over West.

Already, as you can tell from the above, we would be predisposed to favor Seattle (we also have relatives there). In the latest Superbowl, there was something even more compelling. Peyton Manning has been shilling for "Papa John" Schnatter, who famously promised to keep his employees at part-time status (less than 30 hrs/wk) so he wouldn't have to give them healthcare benefits. Here is the story from the horse's mouth so to speak: Forbes ("Capitalist Tool") Magazine:

Hmmm, with a final score of 43 - 8: It couldn't have happened to a nicer shill (unless it was Curt Schilling -- another right-wing jock like Denver Broncos exec John Elway). Not only that, but Papa John's and Applebees have seen a precipitous drop in their "approval ratings" as you can read in the Forbes article.

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