Friday, March 2, 2018

What's good for Ohio Democrats is good for Democrats nationally

John Russo, writing in The American Prospect, points out that Ohio Democrats have failed to offer economic reasons for getting white working class votes. Instead of a solid platform, they offer attacks on Trump and fund-raising appeals. This important article can be found HERE.

This lesson is one that the Democrats on the national level could well learn. Each day I receive in my mail letters from the Democrats (usually the DSCC) with scary titles about how bad Donald Trump is (and he is very bad of course), coupled with pleas for money. I have yet to see a Democratic "platform" about how to raise working-class wages (other than vague approval of "minimum wage" laws), help unions, start infrastucture programs, or extol the very real benefits that government provides for all of us (for example: safety laws, food and drug testing, local and national environmental protection, research on disease prevention and cure etc. etc.) Democrats have also been reluctant to laud the many successes of the ACA ("Obama-care") and push for its extension.

In short, the Democratic Party U.S.A. has given us very few positive reasons why we should vote for them -- only reasons why we should vote against Trump et. al. It's almost as if they either have no program, or are afraid of or distrust real ideas. That is a formula for another disaster like 2016.

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