Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obama's choice: wrong again

Why does Obama continue to disappoint? His latest is to come down strongly for taxing "high end" health plans. This will, of course, alienate his union support at a time when the Democrats can ill aford to lose allies. He already threw out the only source of real healthcare savings when he abandoned the "public option," having never even considered single-payer. Will there at least be indexing of the costs? (See the previous blog.)

Obama has done about everything he can do to avoid being a popular and populist president. No wonder he and the Dems are losing popularity to the tea baggers. Their "movement" may be a phony, but at least it sounds like populism. Every day Obama sounds more and more like a stuffy academic law professor who loves the way he lectures. Just the appearance that he shouldn't have. What is it about class warfare that he doesn't understand?

The Dems are truly pitiful. So is the Party Of The Rich. Meanwhile the tea baggers are gaining converts. (To what I don't know. Glenn Beck for president?)

What a disappointment!!!!

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