Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't Ask...the PTR

It is amusing to see the PTR scrambling to find its position on "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen put it well when he said that in the military, where honor and honesty are central, you can't ask people "to lie about who they are." The PTR, always wrapping themselves in what they think is the flag, has long proclaimed that allowing gay people in the military is bad -- in fact, gays in general are bad to their way of thinking. Now, each day, more and more generals and admirals are saying not so. Colin Powell has just joined Adm. Mullen and other top soldiers.

What will the Party of The Rich do? I guess they could try to show Mullen and Powell are socialists, or at least dupes of something ... maybe the gay "agenda"?

The PTR is eventually doomed, as its essential demographic shrinks to a handful of white plutocrats and homophobes. But they still command a lot of votes: fear-mongering, the Big Lie, and ignorance are still potent forces. Can the country survive long enough to outlive them?

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