Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A trap for the PTR?

Dare we hope it's true? Might it just be that our self-proclaimed bipartisan president is actually setting a trap for the PTR in the upcoming Feb. 25 "summit" on healthcare reform? I mean, the PTR (formerly the GOP) hasn't had a serious healthcare plan since Ronald Reagan's. I've read their "Better Solutions -- a compilation of GOP Alternatives" and it is a joke: nothing concrete, no real plans, no numbers, no tough decisions -- just verbiage, bluff and bluster. If they had to present it, point-by-point in a public setting it would be a laughingstock. So, of course, they should be getting nervous if Obama calls them on it in a public forum.

We can only wait and see if the POTUS and the Dems can actually outmaneuver the PTR for once. Let's hope.

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