Thursday, June 17, 2010

Costs of rescuing Abby Sunderland

Of course, this is not of great importance in the scheme of things, but here's a link to some of the figures.

The "Law of the Seas" provisions for rescuing sailors has an elegance and simplicity which speak to a previous era: If you are in distress at sea, the nearest country will rescue you, no questions asked. This was agreed on just subsequent to the Titanic disaster, before would-be Guiness record holders started ballooning, sailing, running, eating etc. their way into their 15 minutes of fame.

If Abby Sunderland had run into a hurricane near Haiti, would the devastated country be forced to spend millions to rescue her?

I have suggested that such people, whose actions are taken solely to post personal records, be forced to put up a bond or demonstrate insurance coverage that would defray the possible external expenses for their frivolous activity. Otherwise, they or their guardians would be financially liable for the consequences.

The question is, how -- or even can -- this be enforced? Any suggestions?

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