Friday, June 18, 2010

Sharron Angle: Not ready for prime-time in Nevada

I got the URL for this local reporter's quasi-interview from Talking Points Memo (TPM):

Angle Interview .

This is typical of all the Tea Screamers that I have seen interviewed: No grasp of the issues and, in fact, no grasp of the positions which they claim to take. Angle wants to "transition out" of Social Security, yet is not willing to explain what that means; she claims Harry Reid wants to destroy SS while she will save it -- by transitioning out (whatever that means). (Watch Michelle Bachmann to see another such idiot.)

There are times when I question my own beliefs: Maybe I'm wrong, and the folks I'm arguing against are actually correct. Then I read what they are saying -- or refusing to explain -- and I remember why it is that I disdain them. They are intellectually dishonest, taking oversimplified or misleading positions which they can't even state explicitly or defend with any semblance of rationality. Watch this interview (above) and you can see what a Tea Screamer candidate is like in real life, someone who has a very decent chance to be the next senator from (the great state of) Nevada. Good god: It's scary. How many more of them will be have to deal with?

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