Sunday, July 25, 2010

A few more tests from Obama

The President recently asked liberals (YouTube Netroots Video) to continue supporting him and working with him. We would first like to see some action on his part which shows more courage than his adminstration's recent bullying of USDA employee Shirley Sherrod -- an act that also showed how quick he and his cronies are to cave to right-wingers. Andrew Breitbart, who helped smear Sherrod, claims he didn't edit the video or even know it was taken out of context. The National Review of course believes him. I don't. Breitbart was also responsible for the highly-edited posting of the video that smeared and ultimately destroyed ACORN -- an community organizing agency long a thorn in the side of right-wingers. Breitbart seems to have no scruples about bending the truth: he is an unprincipled liar and coward -- pretty typical of the so-called "conservative" crowd.

Anyway, back to Obama. Here's what I and other "liberals" would like him to do to prove that his heart is in the right (correct) place.

1. He should immediately appoint Elizabeth Warren to had up the Consumer Protection Agency created by the recent Financial Reform measure.

2. He should make it crystal clear that he will live up to his campaign promise of letting the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy (incomes over $200,000) expire.

3. He should make it crystal clear that he will live up to his campaign promise of integrating the Armed Forces -- i.e. eliminating "Don't ask don't tell." In fact, forget the "crystal clear": Just Do It. (Truman integrated our armies -- racially -- single-handedly and unilaterally).

There are other things he should do, of course, but these are things that he can do easily without a major congressional effort involving filibuster-breaking.

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