Saturday, July 17, 2010

Support Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has been one of the most eloquent and informed advocates for the recently created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She is a professor of law at Harvard and chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel on TARP. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article about her.

She is a natural candidate to lead the Bureau, but rumors have been circulating (see, e.g., the HuffPo article) that Geithner opposes her nomination; there's a good chance that Larry Summers does as well. Both Geithner and Summers are, of course, prominent members of the President's economic "team" and generally considered to be Wall Street "insiders". On the other hand, she is supported enthusiastically by Barney Frank (among other Dems in Congress).

It's probably a good idea to sign one of the petitions circulating on the 'Net -- for example, THIS ONE sponsored by Progressive Change. Obama sometimes needs a public prodding to do the right thing.

(Incidentally, Robert Reich has an interesting critique of the recently-passed financial reform bill on his blog: here's the link.)

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