Thursday, December 16, 2010

Manning being "nudged"

Yesterday I suggested that Bradley Manning, the army private who may have been the source of the WikiLeaks documents, is possibly being put under pressure to testify that Julian Assange was involved in the "theft" of the documents.

There is now some corroboration for this. Glenn Greenwald reported yesterdayin Salon (click HERE) that Manning is being held in very inhumane conditions -- solitary, no pillows or blankets, no exercise -- even though he has yet to be charged with a crime, much less convicted. This sounds like an attempt to "soften him up" so that he will play ball with prosecutors trying to get Assange on conspiracy charges.

This is beginning to smell like a real scandal -- if the mainstream press will pick it up. It's a good time to write to local newspapers about this very nasty behavior occurring on St. Obama's watch. I've already written to the Boston Globe.

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