Friday, December 10, 2010

Scott Brown: Beneath Contempt (of course)

Just when you think a Republican might rise from Beneath Contempt to merely contemptible, Scott Brown displays his true colors. After saying he supported the termination of Don't Ask Don't Tell, he voted to retain it by agreeing to a filibuster of the Military Appropriations Bill.

His reason: He supports his party's position that they will allow no legislation to pass until millionaires are granted their tax breaks.

Why aren't the (merely contemptible) Dems publicizing this with TV spots NOW? Why will they wait to engage the PTR until the eve of the next election? 'Cause they're wimps and patsies. Just as I predicted, fighting John Kerry has already hopped on board Obama's Rich Man's Express. But, of course, Kerry is a (very) rich man. I wonder what Teresa Heinz's position is on tax breaks for people like her and her husband? I've always considered her to the left of Kerry.

(Actually, the Republicans' love affair for the wealthy has become embarrassing even for some of the million/billion-aires.)

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