Sunday, March 6, 2011

George Will: analyst manqué

Mike Huckabee has some decent moral fibre in him; Newt Gingrich has nothing. But both of them have no idea of logic or consistency or fact. (Huckabee is hopelessly born-again, and Gingrich is simply a vile human being -- even looks it.)

George Will is a peculiar conservative. He can differentiate fact from fiction -- usually -- but he simply can't make the break with conservative ideology. In a recent Washington Post column, which you can read here, he points out how crazy Huckabee's and Gingrich's rantings are. He also thinks that they are hurting the "conservative party" (read: Republicans). In fact, the Republicans are totally on booard with the Huckabee and Gingrich idiocy -- always have been and always will be. Huckabee is most popular among them when he is most extreme, and Gingrich was for a long time their spokesperson. Will may not like what he sees, but Will is out of touch with the Republican Party. He's much better when he can expound on non-ideological subjects, like baseball (though he's no Angell).

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