Sunday, March 13, 2011

A tsunami of idiocy

Michele Bachmann, as you might expect, thinks that Concord NH is Concord MA. She's fuzzy about a lot of things, as well as opinionated about most things. As Mike Barnicle (former Boston Globe columnist) used to say, she's "about as smart as a fire hydrant."

Anyway, Ms. Bachmann and her Tea Screamer friends want smaller government and fewer regulations. They want to cut, among other things, the National Weather Service and its subdivision concerned with Tsunami alerts. Good call, huh?

They also don't like regulations. They think regulations kill jobs -- while lack of regulations merely kills people.

First it was "drill baby drill" -- and we know what happened then. Now it's "build nukes now" (and not too many regulations please).

Is there never any penalty for being just plain wrong about things? For example, Robert M. Gates, Sec. of Defense, telling us now that the last N wars we fought were ill-advised and, "we have never once got it right." Seems to me that the Congress ought, at least, to have a hearing in which Gates and Rumsfeld cross-examine each other; or maybe no one cares whether there was any good reason to fight past and current wars.

Truly pitiful and beneath contempt.

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