Friday, November 11, 2011

Perry's "senior moment"

My first reaction upon watching the video of Perry's "2 out of 3" slip-up at the debate a few days ago was to ask: How could he forget something he cared deeply about and supposedly understood?. It's not like forgetting a line from the Gettysburg address or a few notes from a Chopin etude. If he really had thought about which agencies he wanted to eliminate and understood that the Dept. of Energy oversees, for gosh sakes, military nuclear reactors, he would certainly be able not only to name it but to explain why he wanted to get rid of it. (Why didn't one of the moderators question, in the light of the disastrous Japanese melt-down, why anyone would want to sidestep government regulation of military reactors.)

The guy is a phony, reading from a script pandering to right-wing Yahoos who hardly know the Department of Energy from Planned Parenthood. And besides, he would lose the primary to Ron Paul who seems to want to eliminate -- count them -- FIVE departments, not just Perry's three. I mean, these departments are job killers: let's get rid of ALL of them (except, just maybe, Defense).

Ooops, sorry, there I go again: What part of beneath contempt don't I understand?

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