Friday, November 25, 2011

There is no symmetry between the major parties

Today's post on the blog Winning Progressive pretty much sums up my feelings about the superficial attempt to find "symmetry" between the parties. You know, the nonsense that they are both unbending and ideological, placing party "purity" before the common good. This is total hogwash, perpetrated by the apologists for the Republicans and pushed by the would be "wise men" -- pundits who would like us to believe that they transcend the common opinions and passions of ordinary "partisan" folks.

Let's just remember:

There is only one party that at least tries to limit the effect of campaign money in elections, and only one party committed to defeating any attempt at reform.

There is only one party committed to economic, social, racial and sexual equality and only one party that mocks these ideals and fights against any legislation to further them.

There is only one party that seeks compromise and only one party that is committed to obstructionism and making the other party fail -- even at the expense of the national good.

Democrats may not be perfect (in fact, far from it), but the Republicans are truly beneath contempt.

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