Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another debate

Somehow I watched a large chunk of the Republican debate this evening. As usual, there was little actual content and almost no facts. The Republicans are getting  a lot of free airtime to vent their nonsense -- that Obama is a radical European Socialist, for example, or that there are no "classes" in America.

This last, by the way, was from that frothy candidate Rick Santorum, who then went on to say that he is the candidate of blue collar workers. (They're not a "class" -- maybe just a subset or category, huh?) Of course, Rick Santorum stands for everything that screwed his coal-mining ancestors. The only thing, let me repeat, the only thing that made the lives of mine workers better was unionization. Not the work ethic, not courage, and certainly not religion. It was unionization, something Santorum and every single other Republican of any sort is against.

(And, for the record, about the only political party that fought long and hard in support of the mining unions was CPUSA: the American Communist Party. Whatever its motivation, and whatever the communists did that was horrible in the USSR, they gave unqualified and courageous support to the one thing that helped the working class in this country: unionization.)

The Republicans don't know this, or don't want to know this. And the idiot "moderators" of this debate -- the pretty boy and Diane Sawyer (is she on drugs?) -- swallowed everything without the slightest visible urge to bring any sort of reality to the "debate."

Pitiful. As I've said before: this was the B-team, and there is no A-team. The same statement holds true for the both candidates and moderators.

Why didn't I watch some football or do another crossword? What part of beneath contempt don't I still understand?

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