Monday, January 9, 2012

Who should we root for?

So we want a Republican candidate who will lose to Obama. However, just in case, we want a Republican candidate who, if he wins, won't be too disastrous. Who should we root for (and don't tell me "whom")?

I guess I'd have to go for Huntsman who is possibly not actually beneath contempt, though his conservative economics don't appeal to me. He might be tolerable as President, but he is unlikely to win, given the screwball nature of a lot of Republican voters these days. Huntsman may very well come in second in NH since he isn't Mitt and he seems to have landed a big zinger Sunday morning when he called Romney out over the issue of serving as Obama's ambassador to China.

The silver lining to the never-ending air time given to Republicans this primary season is that they are generating a lot of free negative ads attacking each other. In particular, Gingrich and Santorum have been digging up a lot of facts (already reported by the liberal media) concerning the anti-worker activities of Romney's company Bain Capital.These attacks have been, of course, largely financed by Pacs and SuperPacs for the other Republican candidates. They will come in handy for the Dems in the general election. (The Dems have been victims of this phenomenon in previous elections when they have had long primary battles.)

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