Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why they are beneath contempt, reason number 3,884

The AP reports today:

" Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah is warning supporters that Mitt Romney's Mormon faith could be attacked by Democrats during the presidential campaign."

See, this is why they are beneath contempt. Republicans and TeaScreamers have been suggesting that Obama is a Moslem, that he isn't an American, and, most recently from Mitt Romney, that he is an atheist -- or whatever a promoter of "secularism" and an attacker of religion is supposed to be.

I have never heard any attack on any Republican presidential candidate's religion from the Democrats. Not that the Republicans aren't hypocrites, or intolerant, or un-Christian, or any number of other religion-related things. The fact is, the Democrats have not been calling them these things, while they have been attacking Obama personally since he was elected.

So, the headline here is that Hatch says that the Democrats might do these things. Well, yes, and they might also sprout wings from their nether parts and fly to the moon. Why is Hatch even given an inch of press on this non-story?


  1. You're right. I've never heard anybody on MSNBC go after Romney or Santorum for their wacky religious beliefs. Never.

  2. Rachel Maddow and company are not exactly the same as candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, or Sen. Orrin Hatch. Sure lots of Democrats and columnists make fun of loony Republicans -- I do for sure -- but we're talking public candidates, leadership, and office-holders here. I thought that was pretty clear, but I will go back and clarify that if you really think it is necessary.

  3. So it's ok for you and Rachel to do it but not a public official?

  4. Democrats call republicans plenty of names. The most notorious of these is Bill Maher calling Palin a c---, Laura Ingraham a b---. Democrats call conservatives plenty of names especially republican women. A man flies his plane into an IRS building and the first thing yelled is it's because of conservative invective. When his manifesto indicates clear liberal extremism, it disappears from the net. This is a small part of this issue. Republicans are downright polite in comparison to liberals. Note Occupy Wall street and their behavior.