Monday, May 31, 2010

The Beneath Contempt Award for May

And the winner is: submission by Alison B.:

From the Yahoo news article: WASHINGTON - Kentucky's Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul is criticizing President Barack Obama's handling of the gulf oil debacle as putting "his boot heel on the throat of BP."Paul says Obama's criticism of the oil company sounds like an attack on business and "really un-American."In an interview Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America," Paul says the president's response is part of the "blame game" that's played in the U.S. Paul said that leads to the thinking that tragic incidents are "always someone's fault" and added, sometimes accidents just happen.Paul began the interview on the defensive when GMA host George Stephanopoulos tried to clarify Paul's position on whether civil rights laws should apply to private businesses. Paul, who won the Kentucky GOP primary Tuesday, asked when his honeymoon with the media started.

Of course, the whole point of the BCA is that it requires no comment; yet, here's a good one from from S.B.:

I wonder if this philosophy extends to his [Rand Paul's] ophthalmology practice:Why play the "blame game" for this glaucoma? Regulating the pressure in your eye would be un-optical. Let the invisible hand take care of this!

What is it about these so-called "libertarian" lightweights. Are they unaware that issues of government and social compact have been discussed by creative and subtle minds for centuries before Ayn Rand's silly novels? Have they never read John Locke and others?

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