Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Israel and Chomsky

As I've mentioned several times, I decided a long time ago not to blog about events and parties in the Palestinian-Israeli dispute. However, the Israeli Interior Ministry's recent denial of entry to Noam Chomsky to speak at a university in the occupied West Bank is totally outrageous and certain really makes Israel look bad. It would have been bad enough if the military had claimed his presence would incite riots; but, this was the civilian Interior Ministry. A guard on the Allenby bridge told Chomsky that "Israel does not like what you say." (Chomsky supposedly replied: "Neither does any other country.")

Chomsky, BTW, has visited Israel dozens of times, with no riots recorded.

So much for the "only democracy in the Middle East."

I'll be gone for a brief vacation -- back in a week or so. Things probably won't require my immediate commentary ... (need smiley face here).

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