Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mandatory Drug Testing I

Yesterday, Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire, with 2 men on, had his pitcher Matt Guerrier walk Mark Texeira of the Yankees in order to pitch to Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod is, of course, one of the greatest hitters in baseball -- one of the best, in fact, of all time -- and was 4 for 6 (with 3 homers) against Guerrier. Also, A-Rod at the time was 3 for 3 when Texeira is walked ahead of him. Admittedly, 1st base was open, but A-Rod promptly launched his 19th career grand-slam off Guerrier. What part of statistics or baseball records didn't Gardenhire understand? Would you put money of Ruth, Gehrig or Aaron to hit into a double play under these circumstances?

Shouldn't managers be subject to immediate drug testing after decisions like this? If Lance wins the Tour this summer, I'm sure the authorities will do no less.

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