Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It is amusing that the Republicans are unable to see that people just don't like them very much, and the reason is the policies that they espouse and their behavior. All the "soul searching" done by the party faithful and Reince Priebus seems to tell them that the only thing they are doing wrong is not "getting their message across."

What exactly is that message? People seem to think that the Republican Party is, indeed, the party of the rich (PTR, formerly GOP), and the reason is clear: they are the party of the rich.

I for one think we should encourage the Republicans to continue in this vein, mostly because it hurts their chances of winning elections. But, of course, they will continue in this vein because what alternative do they have? They are the party of the rich, and they either can try to hide this apparent fact, or they can try to change. I can't see how they can change, since the party has punished and purged its moderate members; this was mainly accomplished via primary challenges, resulting in some pretty disastrous losses for them last election (especially in races handled by Karl Rove).

So the PTR is left with trying the Big Lie: saying that they are actually trying to raise the Middle Class, saying that they sincerely want immigration reform, saying that they want to help women and minorities. However, hardly anyone believes them anymore, and certainly not Hispanics, Blacks gays and a solid majority of women: If it walks like a Republican, talks like a Republican and votes like a Republican, by golly it must be a Republican. Yucch.

So, the PTR can make any claim it wants, but outside true-blue states of the old Confederacy,and gerrymandered congressional districts which lump together their true believers, it simply is not going to win. I believe that, slowly but surely, people even in these regions are beginning to smell the PTR rat. As incomes continue to stagnate and popular programs get cut, the PTR will begin to lose more House seats and fall further behind in the Senate. It may take another decade, but the inevitable demographics and truths that should be obvious will prevail.

The question is: Can this country wait until this happens?

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