Thursday, March 14, 2013

Now that's what I've been talking about

The congressional progressives made public their budget, and it's the kind of humane document that the entire Democratic Party should have proposed, and should support.  It returns taxes to the state they used to be in during the Clinton era, cuts military spending in recognition of the end of the Cold War, includes a "public option" for the Health Care Act (along with other medical savings), and a Financial Transactions tax.

These are all items I have discussed on this blog. That's the kind of budget that we should all support and force our representative to support as well.

Here is a link to  a Slate blog, the only fairly widely disseminated source I've seen so far to report on this budget:
MoneyBox .

And here's a link to the actual Congressional Progressive Caucus: CPC.

(If you find another source for this budget proposal, please let me know; also, thanks to Maxine for calling my attention to this.)

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