Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Republican "postmortem"

Yes, the extreme right wing of the PTR (Party for The Rich, formerly GOP) is beneath contempt; yet, don't discount the rest of the party just because it is merely contemptible. Let's not help them in any way.

If the behavior of the Tea Screamers and other "base" Republicans have damaged the PTR, I say good. We should encourage the Party to reject the advice of its postmortem analysis, since it is to the advantage of the vast majority of the American People to have the Republicans a permanent and ineffective minority party -- as they rightfully were for the several decades after the New Deal.

It seems to me that by the time the PTR renounces the Tea Partiers and becomes open to "bipartisanship" it will have lost both the House and the ability to filibuster the Senate. So we lose nothing by helping and encouraging them continue in their bad ways. 


 Here, you can make the paraphrase yourself:
James Bond: "Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?"

Auric Goldfinger: "No, Mr. Bond....I expect you to die."

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