Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another discussion of Obama's speech

The website Winning Progressive with which I often cross post has an interesting discussion of the President's recent speech on deficits. (I blogged the speech yesterday). Their site also has a link to the complete video of the speech.

The Republicans are already calling Obama's proposed elimination of the Bush Tax Cuts "job-destroying." Interesting. Before the cuts the economy was booming and unemployment was low. After the cuts ... well, you know what happened. How could eliminating these cuts possibly work out worse than the results of enacting them?

To paraphrase Sarah Palin's line: How's that tax-cut-y thing workin' out for ya?

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  1. Sorry, but I must disagree. Before the Bush tax cuts the economy was NOT booming. How can you forget the 2001-2002 recession? That's why the tax cuts were enacted in an effort to kickstart the economy.

    How can you say that things were booming?