Saturday, April 23, 2011

Taking his word?

The "birther" position is as beneath contempt as most any other Republican position these days, and I won't comment on it. However, several Republicans, after being shown the birth certificate that Hawaii issued for the President, said that now they "take his word for it." Though this would probably be lost on them, there is a matter of principle here. To wit:

No, they aren't and shouldn't be taking "his word for it." They are and should be taking the official word of the state of Hawaii. The document is the only birth certificate Hawaii issues upon request. It is the official document; it is the legal last word. When these Republicans claim to show their own birth certificates, they are showing a document no more and no less compelling than this document.

Taking "his word for it" is condescending BS and indicates that they still cling to some hope that they can extract political advantage from the "birthers". What part of "beneath contempt" don't I understand? I better sign off here.

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